Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hello agagin.

Hola peeps, I am so yrros about not posting for a while, but NOTHING is going on, just my human slaves being oddly not weird. Well, until a few days ago. It all started when I was surfing the web for the latest celebrity Cat mews. ( I was really bored okay!) When I found this lovely picture of the d-o-g  wearing a Santa hat. So humiliating! I can't wait to show all of my Cat friends. Unfortunately, I can't find the picture, :(. Sad Cat. Speaking of the holidays, my human slaves just got a Christmas tree! They do this every year, and to us Cats, it is fascinating. Bright colors, dangly toys, fun, easily shredded paper, conveniently located water, and a tall tree, perfect for climbing. Yes, the holidays are a Cat's favorite time! Yawn. I must go to sleep, I've been busy all day bothering the d-o-g.
-Clark the jolly Cat
P.S. For those ofyou who are new to my blog, "yrros" is sorry spelled backward so it's easier to say.

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