Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Moving Picture Magic

User submitted animted GIF
Me, in all my GIF glory.

TA-DA! I got very bored over the weekend, so I stole my human's I-pad (one of the mysteries of the mysterious rectangles solved!)  and downloaded an app that takes pictures and makes them into a repetive movie.
   Now all my fans can see me in action, and you must admit, it looks pretty dang awesome.
-Clark the technology-savvy Cat

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Being sick has its perks....

I know what you're thinking-
  "Oh great and wonderful oracle of Cat wisdom, why haven't you bestowed any of your amazing advice on us lately?"
  You see, I have been slightly sick for the past few days. Nothing serious. Just a cold. But it was a cold strong enough to make my humans overly protective and worried.
  So I've been hanging around the house and ordering them around. All I had to do was look pitiful and BAM!! A delicious can of Meow Mix Canned Cat food was dumped in my bowl! Seriously, if it weren't for being sick I would have enjoyed the whole experience.
  -Clark the Cat

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Well, I don't know how to start this post.
  I mean, this is crazy.
I was sitting on the neighbor's fence when I saw the d-o-g. Not totally unusual.
  My human.
Miss. Sara.
  Was walking it.
Yes. You read that right, Miss. Sara was walking the d-o-g. I just stared, shocked into silence.
  Seriously, my eyes were bugged out, my mouth was dropped open, I was totally still.
Then, she petted it. She actually petted the d-o-g.
I think she even, gulp, likes the d-o-g.
-Clark the flabbergasted Cat

Friday, July 20, 2012


Today I am blogging about a very important organization. The Fayetville Ska Alliance. It's a group of humans that help the animals of Fayettville, Arkansas through music. A very cool and worthwhile alliance.
I strongly encourage all of you to check out the site here: http://fayettevilleska.com/, or in the link list on the side.
       Trust me, it's awesome. Very awesome.
Oh, and did I mention that they made me their spokescat?
-Clark the Cat

Monday, July 16, 2012

Anti-share zone

What is the stupidest thing ever invented? I asked myself this, and I thought of many things, humans, d-o-gs, etc.. But I think the worst one is the concept of sharing.
  Why should I share anything? I'm a Cat, I'm above all that. Yet, I am still asked to share. Like if I'm sitting in a chair, I should not move. It's MY chair. It's MY blanket, MY computer, MY scratcher (not your rug!)
  Pretty much everything is mine, and I see no reason to share it. The whole idea of sharing is stupid! Unless, you happen to sharing with me.
-Clark the anti-shareable Cat

Friday, July 13, 2012

Humans don't deserve chairs!

Cats love chairs, everybody knows that, right?
  Everybody meaning everybody besides my humans. See, I was simply laying in the middle of the hallway when I saw one of my humans get up from my favorite chair. I was thinking, "Yes, now my chair's open!" As she started digging around in the kitchen, I raced over and sat in the chair that the human was just occupying.
   But just as I thought of how awesome this chair was and how nice it was of my human too pre-warm it for me, she came back in. And then told me to get off "her" chair!
 1st of all, it was obviously MY chair, and 2nd of all, even if it was her chair, I'm a Cat, we always deserve chairs, humans can just sit on the floor.
-Clark the Supreme Cat

Monday, July 9, 2012

The nominees are.....

So I was just surfing the web when I saw that I had a new tweet on my twitter feed, (of course, I always have new tweets, I'm so popular!) But this one was about the Petties DogTime blog awards.
  It's a whole page of blogs up for cool awards in categories like; Best Cat blog, Best designed blog, best blog post, etc. (All animal related by the way.) 
      And before you ask, no, I am (very sadly) not up for anything, but some other cool Cats are, so go check out the page at  http://petties.dogtime.com/.
-Clark the Cat

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The worst

Well, it happened. The worst has come. Another d-o-g is visiting. Yep, you heard that right, we have 2 d-o-gs now. I think it's only staying for a little while though. (It better!)
       But even through this  disgusting and devastating event, I'm actually in a good mood, my humans finally came through with the fish I ordered and I'm not irritated at them for once.
 If it weren't for the extra d-o-g, I might actually be nice to my humans for a while!
-Clark the Cat

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Cats have always loved fish. How could we not? They're easily some of the most delectable morsels to ever walk (swim, whatever) the earth. So it is the duty of humans  everywhere to always have a large and fresh supply of fish for us.
    You see, this morning two of them went fishing, and they actually caught fish, but they didn't bring me back any! Catch and release they said.
  Eh, so unfair. They better have a plentiful supply of fish waiting for me tomorrow morning. Or else.
-Clark the devious Cat

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer days

It has been so boring around my house lately, all my humans are either working, hanging out with friends, or swimming at the local pool. (Why would anyone voluntarily jump into a large pool of water?!)
       So I've mostly been inside, sleeping all day. Yes, incredibly boring, but at night I sneak out and throw crazy Cat parties with some of my Cat buds.  These parties usually involve chasing small animals and meowing at the top of our lungs. But don't tell my humans, I don't think that they would be very happy if they knew that I liked to meow at our neighbors windows in the middle of the night.
-Clark the Cat