Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chuck Norris of Cats

I got in a fight. Yeah, that's right, I got in a fight. I don't know why you're suprised, I am Clark after all. I'm like the Chuck Norris of Cats. 
 And we started to fight, I of course, beat the living crap out of him, cause  I am Clark after all, then I saunterd home to tell my humans of my victory. You would think that they would congratulate me for being so awesome, but they didn't! Instead they fawned over me and got all worried and acted stupid.
   It wasn't even that big of a scratch, just a little one on my nose, but I wanted to show it off and be all tough and macho all the same.
Stupid humans.
-Clark the Chuck Norris of Cats

Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's the human's fault

I know how I said that I would be back to blogging more, but it's a little hard when the stupid computer is crashing all the time. Yes, my computer broke.
*cue gasp*
   It's been pretty bad. I couldn't post adorable pictures of me, tweet snarky Cat phrases, update any statuses on my facebook, etc. So I've just been sitting at home. Bored. My computer seems to be working again, though I blame my humans for using it. IT'S MINE! Do I have to go into this again? Everything is MINE! Everything.
  The humans have seemed to fixed up the computer a little, and I can finally get back to blogging.
So yrros for this late post. It won't happen again. Hopefully.
    I actually do have some interesting stuff happening now though. While the internet was broken,  I got back into the wild (read: The neighbor's yard). And I found some pretty interesting stuff.
  Like, that humans plant these nice little flowers in little mounds that are really fun to dig up and pee in. I also found out that if you find a backyard with a d-o-g in it, you can sit on the fence and taunt them. They will ALWAYS bark up at you. It's hilarious.
  So....that's what I did while my internet was being stupid.
-Clark the intelligent Cat