Thursday, June 27, 2013

Heat is not cool.

It's hot here.
When I say hot, I mean HOT. God fucking damn, my fur was frying off when I tried to roll around in the middle of the street.
I don't approve of this at all and whoever authorized it to be this fucking hot has a sick sense of humor and needs to stop because this isn't funny.
  "But Clark! You're a cat! Can't you just shed your coat? You're a Cat, after all."
I could. But then in another hour I'd make a post about how annoying shedding in and how much fur ends up in your mouth and how the humans never stop complaining about all the goddamn fur and it's not worth it. Unpopular opinion I know, but it's really not worth it.
 Also my coat is fucking marvelous why would I ever want to lose it? I'm quite a big fan of my fur. You can't really blame me,  it's a very nice coat. I'd still be handsome without it, but it still makes me look pretty damn nice.