Friday, July 13, 2012

Humans don't deserve chairs!

Cats love chairs, everybody knows that, right?
  Everybody meaning everybody besides my humans. See, I was simply laying in the middle of the hallway when I saw one of my humans get up from my favorite chair. I was thinking, "Yes, now my chair's open!" As she started digging around in the kitchen, I raced over and sat in the chair that the human was just occupying.
   But just as I thought of how awesome this chair was and how nice it was of my human too pre-warm it for me, she came back in. And then told me to get off "her" chair!
 1st of all, it was obviously MY chair, and 2nd of all, even if it was her chair, I'm a Cat, we always deserve chairs, humans can just sit on the floor.
-Clark the Supreme Cat

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