Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Yes, the title reads true. I have returned to blog more! I'm sure you all missed me and my adorableness, but I have returned and will not leave it so long again.
Yrros about that. If you're new to my blog, "yrros" is sorry backwards, because sorry is very painful to say for a Cat. So whenever I say "yrros", it just means sorry. AAA! I said it.
  Anyways, nothing new has been happening in the world of me. Does anybody else think that the humans are getting stupider? Mine have hung up little decorations for some weird holiday called "Halloween" where servants everywhere force their amazing animals to wear ridiculous costumes. Of course, if you're a d-o-g, it's quite amusing.
 If you want some regular daily updates of my majestic life, just drop me a tweet on twitter, I have a link of to the side.
 So that's about it in the amazing world of ME.
-Clark the majestic Cat


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