Monday, November 14, 2011


Instead of doing a contest, this month I'm answering your questions, Jasmin came up with one that I actually have a question about.  Here it is:
*.* @_@ -___________- ...?
Is it random faces? An abstract Cat? Crazy symbols? I'm totally perplexed by this one, though it's pretty cool. If you have any more questions, please ask me.
-Clark the perplexed Cat.
P.S. This is to Jasmin, so what is that?


  1. well......:
    *.* is a person w/ messed up eyes. You can interpret that how ever you want.
    @_@ is supposed to be a person w/ glasses
    -____________- is supposed to be a so-shocked-that-i-have-nothing-to-say-face. this is another version of it: -_-'

  2. Ah.... Thanks for the clarification Jasmin. :)