Monday, September 10, 2012


Have any of your humans ever  tried to use logic? Whenever mine attempt it, it ends up all wrong. (That should tell you how intelligent they are...)
    So, one of my human's rooms was all messy, with clothes and other random junk hanging everywhere. And it was the best room ever. I could pounce in the clothes, claw them up, go onto the bookcase and knock anything that's up there down. I could bat the zippers and strings around, and best of all, I found almost 20 pipe cleaners!!!!
  Pipe cleaners remind me of caterpillars. And I like caterpillars.
But then my human CLEANED her room!!! Yeah, she actually cleaned it. No clothes on the floor, no precious knick-knacks on the bookcase, and the pipe cleaners are hidden.
    I was so confused.
What's so good about a clean room?
Nothing. It's boring. And some of my  humans didn't help either, all they did was nag her to clean her room.
So all my humans are brainless.
Why am I not surprised?
-Clark the not-surprised Cat

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