Monday, September 3, 2012

Not your rug.

My servants drive me crazy. Seriously, they get mad at me over NOTHING!!  So, I just woke up and walked up to my scratcher, one of those nice flat ones and started scratching on it. It's a scratcher, I was just doing what I was supposed to do, but for some reason they told me to-"Get off their rug".
 None of those words make any sense to me, they're my servants, they shouldn't be allowed to order me around!!! And what is this mysterious rug? Could they possibly talking about my scratcher? And why would they be calling it theirs? Everything is mine... Humans are so confusing.
  How could they call it their rug when there's so many pictures of me on it?! Seriously, just look at this!
Sometimes I amaze myself with my own beauty...

How many pictures are there of you sprawled out on the rug? Hmmm? I thought so.


-Clark the self-satisfied Cat

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