Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry if it's been a while peeps, but it's been pretty slow. Luckily something has actually happened. Several somethings actually.

Something #1: The d-o-g and I were having a stare down (not unusual), and then he got excited and reared up, tearing the window screen! In practically 1 second! Mr. Michael wasn't happy about having to buy a new screen.

Something #2: I got special cat food yesterday AND kitty treats today! Can you say "happy Cat”? :D

Something #3: Mr. Cyrus asked about a problem on his math homework, and me, being the intelligent being I am, answered "meow" which is the answer to answer to everything. Mr. Cyrus then said “Ah! Thanks Clark, negative meow"!

Something #4: It took my human slave at least 3 minutes to let me out! 3 minutes!

Something #5: hugdhlkhdrgoituclaek ghdjhf22456789766845435. And that was just..... Something.


-Clark the supremely intelligent, gorgeous and modest Cat.

P.S. The previously mentioned contest ends Friday!


  1. ... ... ...well it was my human slave's birthday and she wished 4 rain

  2. Waylon, the somewhat lonely catSeptember 24, 2011 at 7:25 AM

    Wait! I just realized something. I won by default. But then that is also sad