Monday, January 30, 2012

Get a clue!

Hey Peeps-
Have I ever told you how hard the life of a Cat is? Sleep, eat,  sleep, eat, go outside, irritate humans, be adorable, sleep more, eat more. I mean, sometimes I even have to wait to go outside.
         So I decided to subtly tell my human slaves that they take too long. I mean, if I'm sitting in front of the door, looking at it, then I expect it to be opened promptly. I mean come on! I need what I need when I need it! Get with the program peeps!
            Another thing, is whenever someone is in the kitchen, I will walk in, quite charmingly (if I do say so of myself), and I sometimes don't get any extra food! Seriously people!!!
       So, to certain clueless humans, this is for you. (You know who you are.)
-Clark the Cat

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