Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Magical door!!!!!

 Yes, you heard that right, Magical door. Here's how it works, you go over to the door, sit down in front of it, stare at it, and POOF! It opens. Just like magic! (Mainly because it IS magic.)
     It dosen't work with just doors either, it also works with food dishes, treats, and whenever I'm itchy, one of my servants is there to scratch me.
 I'm sure you want to know how it works, and it took me many hours to figure it out, but I have come to one conclusion: it is me. I just want something, think about it, and in a few short minutes, it happens. Sometimes if the magic isn't working fast enough, I meow. I'm sure that you're begging to know how you can get this magic, and I hate to burst your bubble, but it only works if you're a Cat. (Or more specifically, me.)
-Clark the magical Cat

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