Saturday, March 24, 2012

A new love.

Most Cats love food, and I am no exception, Meow mix canned Cat food, fish, and various kinds of kitty treats, it's all good! Yep, Cats love food, except for that dry, pellety food dim-witted humans usually give us. Yet, I have  found an exception. 
       A week or two ago my humans brought home a new type of Cat food. "Oh great," I thought, "more hard food in the shape of pellets. Yay."  My humans poured the new food in the bowl, "Enjoy Clarky!"  they said and walked out.  (Sorry about the unnecessary "y", that's just humans for you.)

Love at first bite!
   I crept timidly forward and leaned in for the first bite. I chewed. And was blown backward by the delicious flavors that flooded my mouth. Salmon, chicken, turkey. It was the best food I've had in ages. I jammed my head back into the bowl and took bite after flavorful bite.  It was beyond delicious.
  All too soon, I had eaten the whole bag. I waited in anticipation (or just slept, whatever you want to call it) for the next bag. However, much to my dismay, the next food was not the delicious taste sensation that the last food was. I could never go back to regular food now, after sampling that culinary delight. So I meowed at my humans until they bought me more.
-Clark the triumphant Cat

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