Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cat attack!

So much has happened! Some good some bad. The bad while one of my slaves was sitting in a chair and listening to her weird music thingy that sound blasts out of (she calls it an i-pod, weird right?) it fell and nearly whacked me in my beautiful face. Don't worry I am fine the slave in question has good reflexes and snapped it up just in time! :B
             The next bad thing was something that I have tried to keep quiet, but it's time to let the Cat out of the carrier. There is a d-o-g in my backyard. Yes, that's right he appeared shortly after Christmas. It was the scariest/most insulting thing that's ever happened to me. Scary because, well duh, he's a d-o-g and I'm a Cat. We've been enemies since forever. Insulting because, why would my peoples think that it's a good idea to bring a d-o-g into my home? I mean like I said before, we're natural enemies. So anyways, I was just sitting outside, soaking up the fading rays of sun. Then the d-o-g comes out and strains on the leash practically pulling Mr. Cyrus, (another one of my slaves) off his feet. I just stayed out of the way until they left.
         The good thing, (don't tell anybody, but I love pipe cleaners)  Mr. Cyrus and Miss. Sara gave me two new pipe cleaners, I ran around the house with my new victims, my tail kinked and my eyes wide I felt like a kitten again!
-Clark the awesome cat

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  1. What a wonderful and amazing cat- so many of them can't be bothered to type anything at all. I'd also like to hear more about the human slaves and how they're doing.