Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Ha Ha Ha! This is SO not funny!
Okay, it all started when I went outside and was just sitting out there and enjoying my alone time when Miss. Sara came outside. She sat down next to me and started singing Katy Perry's Firework . This made me want to cover my ears but I couldn't because I was all comfy so I just looked away. Then I saw it. A bug. I think it was a mosquito eater. Anyways I got down on my haunches and creeped toward it. Success! As soon as I swallowed it, I realized something....... It was still alive! Gagging (Cats can gag I assure you) I  propelled the stupid little critter out of my mouth. I even stuck my tongue out. As it flew away I hissed angrily at its retreating wings. 
        I blame Miss. Sara.
- Clark the humiliated/angry cat >:(

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  1. AWKWARD!!!!!!!!!! IM not laughing im LOL-ing