Saturday, June 25, 2011


Good morning human slaves. It is tiring being a Cat. I now that you were waiting in anticipation for my 2nd post after my fist successful one last night. I have  much to tell you. This morning my people irritated me. That is not unusual as they are very annoying, but Mrs. Lucinda, tried to brush me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I did was go outside, (which I usually do, I'm an outdoor cat.) And  I got into some grease or something, and it all got matted in the back of my fur. It hurts when she tries to get it out so I yelp and let out pitiful Mrowwwwwwws. It works with Sara, who is my all time fave person. She is a catten, no longer a kitten, but not a cat. She loves me unconditionally. She'll leap up to get my food, refill my water or do anything for me. So she's tolerable. I know that she loved me since that first day in the shelter, I was thirteen months old, and on my cage they had written something in a black smelly marker. I knew that when cats had that on their cage, the end was coming. I had to leave, so I purred and rubbed my head against the cage, which was hard because I was about as big as the cage. Soon people stopped the people that would eventually be mine. In an hour I was at my new home.

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  1. Hello? I know that almost nobody reads this, but could somebody commet?