Friday, August 12, 2011


Hiya Peeps. I'm back again! My human slaves are behaving very strangely today. Mostly Miss. Sara. Today she told me to "sit" and "stay" what she was trying to do I  have no idea, but she bribed me with kitty treats, and no matter what I did she gave me kitty treats anyway. So whatever. But this morning! Sara was still still in bed and I might have been out of food. One of my human slaves always has to come with me in case it was empty so they could fill it up.     I know a perfectly logical way, but my humans didn't think so, they get kind of mad whenever I make them come to my food dish and I do have food, so I meowed loudly for several minutes before Miss. Sara got up and came with me. This time I did have food, and she stomped off to bed. She didn't stay asleep long though, and came back soon. So bizarre!
               But that's not the end of it!  I like to go back in forth from indoors to outdoors every few minutes, so Miss. Sara had to open my door then close it every few minutes, I don't see what's SO bad about that but Miss. Sara must have gotten sick with it so she opened the door a little and walked away. I pulled it open with my paw and decided to stay inside a while.
-Clark the clever Cat

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