Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stupid rain.

What on earth is wrong with my humans? I was just calmly sitting outside and basking in the warm sun, when a dark cloud passed over me. Just as I was ordering it to stop taking my sunlight, it began to rain.
         Well, contrary to popular belief, Cats don't hate all rain. We just hate heavy rain. Of course, in a matter of minutes, the tolerable sprinkles had morphed into heavy,wet drops that beat the ground insistently. What was there to do but meow piteously?
     Soon enough my humans opened up the door let me inside, as soon as they closed the door, the rain decided to stop raining. Good timing. So I meowed until Miss. Sara and Mr. Cyrus came over to me and were about to open the door when it started raining again. Sigh.
   So now I'm staring moodily at the door, clawing up the weather stripping and wishing that I could go back outside.
   Hmmm... maybe I'll go scare one of my humans, I'm sure all of this is their fault.
-Clark the rather frustrated Cat

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