Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why Cats and d-o-gs don't mix.

I can't stand the d-o-g . He's so.. so... so.. brainless! For example, a few days ago I decided to try and hold an intelligent conversation with him. So I went over to the window and waited. There he was, in all his d-o-gness. When he saw me he immediately perked up and started wagging his tail. I started to meow when he barked. It shook the floors it was so loud! On instinct, I hissed. When that didn't do anything, I hissed again. You would think that a large, hissing Cat would put most creatures off, but the d-o-g?
   No. He just continued to wag his tail and be unbearably happy. When I realized that a conversation would be impossible I growled and slinked out of the room. This is pretty much the reason that Cats and d-o-gs just don't get along.
-Clark the Cat

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