Sunday, May 13, 2012


Sometimes I worry about my humans. Like right now for instance. You see, a couple of nights ago, I had caught 2 bunnies. (This let me tell you, is not easy.) Then I calmly put them in one of my human's neighbor's yards, then I left them there as a present to her.)
   Imagine my surprise when I went to see if she wanted all of her gift, but found them gone! When I came back inside to complain to my humans about this, they were talking apologizing over and over again into one of the rectangles. Then they made me stay inside all night! Don't they know Cats are nocturnal?!
   It just doesn’t make any sense; all I did was leave 1 and 1/2 bunnies as a thoughtful gift. (I was a little hungry, and I did catch them after all, but that doesn’t mean anything!)
   What is wrong with humans these days?
-Clark the Cat

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