Sunday, April 15, 2012

Water Water everywhere

 Cats detest many things, humans, water, d-o-g-s, but one that no one knows about is the water dish. It sits next to the beloved food dish, limiting the space for a larger food dish. In addition to that, you have to drink it all or it won't taste as good the next day.
  This is a problem that has plagued Cat for hundreds of years. Some Cats gave up and grew used to the taste.  But others have pondered and wondered, until finally, it came to them.
   They noticed that their humans would fill large bowls with water and fish. When they sampled this water, the fishy taste blocked out the taste of the old water! Pure genius!
      So now, whenever Cats are thirsty we just jump on the counter and lap up the water from our fish bowls. Thank you Cat ancestors!
-Clark the Cat

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