Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mysterious rectangles

Just when I think that my humans can't get any weirder, they surprise me with some strange and bizarre phenomenon of stupidity. This time, it's the rectangle.
  It sits on the counter with a wire attached to it. After a little while, one of my humans will come along and take it off the wire. Then they just carry it around and totally ignore it until it make a loud, obnoxious noise. (I think this noise is supposed to be music, but it just sounds like a bunch of ringing to me!) Then they'll press a button on it and start talking to it! After a little while, they'll stop and just listen to it, as if the rectangle is talking back to them! I've tried to listen in, but I can't hear anything.
  I just don't get what's so great about the rectangle, it has nothing to with Cats, (or more particularly me) takes up excess space, and eats up all of my human's time. Time that could be spent buying me more of my favorite special canned Cat food.
   Maybe the next time of these rectangles is on my counter I'll "accidentally" knock it off.
-Clark the diabolical Cat

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