Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The world is my scratcher!!

One of the many joys in life that only Cats can enjoy is the scratching post. Yes, there's nothing better than waking up after sleeping all day and stretching your claws out. It's one of the best possible things in the entire world. (After a full food dish of course.)
  Around my house there's a lot of scratchers. Too many to count! Long traditional ones, curved ones, even colorful ones that lie flat on the floor. (Those are actually my favorite.) The only problem with the last one is that sometimes my humans will get mad at me for using it. They'll yell for me to get off there "rug". I don't even know what a rug is (nor do I care.) To add to that ridiculousness, they also think it's theirs, but like many other things, it's mine. MINE! MINE! MINE!
-Clark the happy Cat

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