Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hi peeps it's Clark here. Sorry I haven't posted for a while, but I haven't been feeling to good. I got into a cat fight a few nights ago and I got a few scratches. Nothing serious, just a few nicks but my human slaves are making a big deal about it. "I'm worried about Clark", "What did you get into kitty?", " Poor Clark!"! One of them gave me kitty treats though so that dimmed the annoying factor a little.  Annoying human slaves!!!!!!!  I know that your all worried about me, but I'm almost 2ft long and 13.9 lbs of lean mean kitty.
          Speaking (or typing) of annoying you'll never guess what the d-o-g  did! (For those of you who don't know we got a d-o-g shortly after Christmas. 3 words, MY WORST NIGHTMARE!) He was outside and I was inside. I was just sitting at my window supervising my human slaves as they played with the d-o-g (they're SO weird why would they want to play with him in the first place?) when the d-o-g came up to my window and wagged his tail. This d-o-g is huge so he's capable of a very loud bark. So of course, he barked. I hissed and backed away slowly. The dog didn't even feel a little hostile, he was just playing, but still, very strange!
Yawn. I am tired. I will go outside and sleep in the sun outside.
See ya peeps later!
-Clark the ferocious cat.
P.S. Ferocious is my new word, you like?

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