Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hi peeps . I'm sleepy. And bored, any suggestions on something a Cat can do besides sleep and eat?  If so help me out. Now I envy those feral cats in the  Warrior series by Erin Hunter (If you've never read them you should they're not half bad.) Miss. Sara has the whole first series and while she's at school or at camp or whatever I read them (Or I just sit on them, which counts as reading.)  the Cats get to hunt and be totally free. Sigh.....
        Though life for feral cats isn't totally good. They can get sick and live a shorter life span, people might hurt them when they find them in there yard.So I guess I  like being a cat that has a permanent home more. Well that was something to do that I just did. Thank you for giving me something to do. Now I am no longer bored. I am tired. I am going to go outside and sleep now. Meow.
-Clark the lazy cat. ^-^ (That's the top of a cat's head.)
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  1. Hello Clark,

    This is Josie, I'm using Dwight's account to write. Dwight is my auxiliary slave when my main slave is out doing silly human things and abandons me. He comes over and does those things that humans are good at, like opening cans.

    That's my picture under Dwight, but you can't really tell much, I'm just as good looking as you are, I am a cat after all, so I put together a web album, just click here or copy and cut and paste:

    Just have to warn you about one thing. My main slave cut of all my hair!!!! She said it was cool, but how cool is it to look like a dork?!?!?! If my natural beauty and grace didn't shine through anyway, I'd have to hide for months. So, I'm not as gorgeous as I usually am, sigh.

    Slaves, so useful at times, and yet, so strange too. Always saying, for example, to think outside the box, but when I think outside the box, they get crazy...

    So, my auxiliary slave [A.S.] is pretty good. He opens cans, which is his best trick, and he will clean the litter box, which is nice. He's OK enough that I pretend to like him, I purr and let him pet me, he does give me the attention I deserve, I may let him continue to serve me.

    So typing is hard work, and I am a cat and don't believe in hard work, I'll sign off now. It's good to have another cat on the internet to talk to. Lets keep in touch.


  2. Hello Clark,
    Josie here again, My A.S. tells me that to visit the web album, you'll have to copy the link and paste it into your web browser, but don't worry, it's worth the effort.

    Meow [ that's goodbye in cat]

  3. Nice to meet you Josie I'll check out the link soon!

  4. Those pictures are great even with your fur all shaved off it's growing back. Meoow (see you later)