Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A guide to making Cats happy Part 2!

Hi peeps, I'm continuing my guide because another issue came up.This time, obedience.
Human slaves, this is for you.
How many Cats need food, wanted to go outside or sit where your slave is sitting? We've all been there. Our human slaves are too busy. Finishing an "important" project on the computer, eating their dinner, or sleeping.  That all pales in comparison to how important our needs are. So I am writing an guide on what human slaves should do.
Step 1. When your Cat master meows answer it. Refill the food dish or give us the food we really need. (See Part 1.) Or let us outside. It's that simple.
    That was it. Really that was it. See how easy it was? Now try it!
- Clark the smug cat

1 comment:

  1. yo Sar!! BTW, iv got another way 2 mak a cat happy: Fluffen up the cat! U kno waylon rit? Well he loves gettin fluffed! In FACT, he looks so cute!! <3 I wish i can show u a pic... mayb next time!!!