Saturday, July 23, 2011

My ears!

Hello peeps, it's me Clark. My ears are hurting. (You could probably tell that from the title) I didn't into another fight or whatever, my ears are actually ringing from a horrible noise. That horrible noise is my human slave, Miss. Sara, playing her euphonium. What is a euphonium? A big instrutment that morphs music into loud sounds. I love music, I mean what kind of Cat dosn't? But Miss. Sara  plays sooooooooooooo louldly. That whenever she practices I have to go outside just to muffle it. Sigh.
See ya peeps later!
-Clark the musical cat.
P.S. If the Fatten the fishies thing on the bottom isn't coming up, Yrros!  I 've been working on it though.

1 comment:

  1. not only do cats love music, in fact, the DOG sings. Every time my slave, or her mom plays the piano (sry slave's sister) he will just howl!! its kinda cute, but quite annoying. I once decided to look in his mouth, it didn't end so well :P
    -cat-in-dog Waylon