Monday, July 4, 2011

A guide to making Cats happy! Part 1.

Hello peeps. It is Clark the amazing, wonderful, purrfect, beautiful, not spoiled and modest cat. Today my human slaves went grocery shopping. And guess what? They didn't buy me any Temptations Cat treats!!!!!! So I decided to make a guide so any human slaves will know how to shop from now on.
Step 1. Go into the "pets" (though I would prefer something else that's what it's called) aisle. Than find the treats canned, dry, or both. And put it in your cart. Than proceed to step 2.
Step 2. Following step 1 go into the dairy aisle. Find a carton of milk or cream and put it in your cart.
Step 3. After completing step 2. go in the meat or seafood aisle. Any kind of meat is OK. For seafood get fish! Lots and lots of fish. Cans are convenient. Though fish that you cook is OK as long as it's raw. (If you cook it it ruins the flavor.)
Step 4. Proceed to check out.
Step 5. Feed the Cat!
I hope this helped. All human slaves present, remember this!
Mew. I will sleep now.
-Clark the satisfied cat.
P.S. I am satisfied because justice is served.
P.P.S. Along with fish, milk and other Cat delicacies!

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